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A Buying Guide: Digital Cameras A Buying Guide: Digital Cameras by Sally Wiener Grotta

A Buying Guide: Digital Cameras PhotographyBlog is the labor of love of Brit Mark Goldstein, a self-described "enthusiast photographer" who's been running this one-man show since January 2003. While the site offers reviews, photos, polls, contests, and forums, the most fascinating content for many photography buffs is likely to be the industry news, rumors, and announcements.

A Buying Guide: Digital CamerasKnow your camera Know Your Camera by Daniel Grotta & Sally Wiener Grotta from PC Magazine October 5, 2004

Noise, Dynamic Range and Bit Depth in Digital SLRs An Article about -- Noise, Dynamic Range and Bit Depth in Digital SLRs --. It's quite academic and will take time to digest, but for those that care about this topic beyond the practical level, highly recommended.

hur köper man en digitalkamera update Glossary for Cameras

hur köper man en digitalkamera This chart can be used as a guide to help you decide what resolution camera you should purchase.

bläckstråleskrivare You might also be interested to know, before you buy, a little about: How much detail can you capture and scan? And other information on digital camera detail and print resolution. What kind of detail can you record on film and then digitize?

Digital Workflow Digital Workflow: Keeping up with the flow of images from a digital camera is like drinking from a firehouse. A well-designed workflow can help tame the digital monster.

Camera Raw Forum for Photoshop Camera Raw plug-in

Camera Raw When it comes to the digital SLR market, Nikon has always focused on high-end, professional models like the D2X. I bought myself last summer a Nikon D200 , which is a high performance digital SLR camera designed to satisfy the requirements of demanding photographers although I am more of a demanding amateur and enthusiast photographer. Now the launch of Nikon D300 , though in many ways simply a logical progression from the D200, is a much better camera than its predecessor, and along with its superior sensor offers the pro and advanced amateur a set of features and functionality that is unmatched at the moment in Canon's line up according to

bläckstråleskrivare At Steves Digicam you can read which are the cameras that they currently seem to be The Best in terms of resolution, image quality and overall bang for the buck. This list will be continually updated as new models are released and reviewed. A must to visite before you buy your new camera.

bläckstråleskrivare The Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT is about as close to perfection as you can get in a consumer D-SLR Acording to PC Magazine

digitala kameror My second favorite review site! The Imaging Resource offers the most comprehensive, informative, and factually accurate digital camera information available anywhere. Here you will find the latest digital camera, scanner and printer reviews as well as our exclusive Comparometer image comparison database and our unique Camera Finder.

 digitala kamerorAt the Digital Photography Review continues to provide exhaustive coverage of the digital camera industry, with breaking news and detailed hands-on reviews of new cameras. The site is an indispensable resource for pro photographers and hobbyists, and the active discussion forums provide plenty of shooting tips for beginner and pro alike. Check here before buying anything digital camera-related.

 digitala kameror provides the latest digital camera news and reviews. The site have Canon and Olympus camera reviews,it is updated constantly, and have all the latest news which are related to digital cameras. Well worth a visite!’s reviews are aimed at users who want a quality digital camera, but still want something that will be fun to take on a trip or take out at night. They claim that their reviews are aimed at everyday users who want to have fun with their digital camera although I miss reviews of many popular cameras like my own Canon PowerShot S-60 some years ago. Each review features a standard 44-point analysis that considers the camera’s image quality, handling, portability, control, ease of use, and other key areas. uses newly developed image analysis software to determine the “real resolution” of each digital camera. This cuts through manufacturing hype to tell users how crisp and sharp of an image they can really get out of each digital camera.

camera-buying tips Choose Your Camera! PC Magazine tell you how to choose, and they present their 20 favorites among Compacts, Ultracompacts, Superzooms, Enthusiast and Digital SLRs

digital cameras A search for the most Recent Reviews via PC Magazine! Find the Perfect D-SLR

camera-buying tips Try the Review Centre digital cameras for consumer reviews on digital cameras and other photographic equipment. The reviews are by people like you rather than by the "experts" so please do contribute.

camera-buying tipsAt the you will find Digital Cameras reviews as well as image comparisons and digital cameras: Hints, Tips & FAQ's.

A lot of useful sites which are educational and informative for all of us using a digital camera....

camera-buying tips Digital Outback Photo. Fine Art outdoor photography using digital cameras by Uwe Steinmueller. This site is practical, educational, and informative. Occasionally there are contests you can enter, which is fun even if you don't win anything.

bläckstråleskrivare If your looking for information on professional digital cameras in action, then the site, , maintained by a professional photo-journalist, is worth a visit. Up-to-date news and hands-on reviews of both software and hardware used in digital photo-journalism.

review digital cameras PC Magazine DIGITAL CAMERA FINDER

Word of advice: Decide what you need the camera for and how you will use it. Then buy to fit those needs. Don't be led astray by megapixels and esoteric stuff you don't really need.
resolution What do the say in the different forums on the Internet about resolution? Some quotations...
bläckstråleskrivare is an excellent monthly digital camera review in English and/or in French.

bläckstråleskrivare Dennis Curtin's " Short Courses " are very complete, with information for beginners and on up the ladder to more advanced editing.

photoshop tipsGreat Photoshop actions for your digital camera! I bought myself SR Professional, which is an essential digital darkroom tool designed for use with all digital camera files. Since highlights are difficult to recover when not exposed properly, I have developed this tool to focus on recovering the hidden shadow detail. SR Pro replaces lengthy and complicated masking techniques, speeding your workflow and leaving you with very natural and reliable results.
bläckstråleskrivare Is Absolutely Accurate Color Critical to Your Work? Michael Reichmann of The Luminous Landscape offers an in-depth look at digital camera profiling. He discusses the concept of device profiles, why we need them, and how to create them using inCamera Professional. He also addresses the difference between accurate color and visually appealing color and explains how inCamera Professional's profile editor helps manage the trade-offs. He has also made this, a preliminary field report of the Canon EOS 1Ds
So this site is highly recommended. You can learn all kinds of stuff here, like color theory and even the difference between boke and the Scheimflug effect. Many useful and practical articles for the pro or serious amateur photographer can be found here

camera-buying tips The Digital Camera Resource page. Now you can search the Reviews section, to help narrow down your choices! You find also a Digital Camera FAQ . This is an attempt to answer the most frequently asked questions that arrive in Jeffs mailbox. It will also help you in picking out the right digital camera. This FAQ will be growing over the next weeks, and Jeff also love to get your suggestions about topics to cover here. Digital Camera FAQ

hur köper man en digitalkamera Batteries for AA-compatible digital cameras—selection, care and feeding for long life and reliable power delivery

Photoshop TutorialsUniversal Photographic Digital Imaging GuidelinesThese 15 guidelines — along with the accompanying Best Practices documents — aim to clarify issues affecting accurate reproduction and management of digital image files. Although they largely reflect a photographer’s perspective, anyone working with digital images should find them useful.

camera-buying tips An other interesting discussion regarding the subject Raw vs. JPG together with links to other sites with information's of this subject

camera-buying tipsA very interesting piece by Norman Koren is his article about - "Tonal Quality and Dynamic Range in Digital Cameras"

camera-buying tips Vill du ta bättre bilder oavsett vilken kamera du än har, hantera bilden efter det att den är tagen till att visa eller presentera en bild? Besök då Här hittar du artiklar om fotografering, olika forum som, Analoga ocg Digitala mörkrummet till att visa bilder ,fotografera landskap och natur, fotografera makro. Väl värt ett besök.

digital cameras and digitala kameror What is good software to view pics, edit pics, group pics, slide shows ....
  • I use myself Adobe Photoshop for all editing.

  • Unless you are almost a professional in digital imaging , you're better off with Picasa—even if you're deadly serious about your photo collection. Picasa is one impressive photo manager. It's not just free. It's better than ever. This past summer, the ever-expanding Google empire acquired Picasa, one of PC Magazine's favorite photo-management tools, and a week later, in keeping with its usual business strategy, the company quit charging for the application. Now, for the first time since the acquisition, Google has released a new version, Picasa 2.0, and they like it even more than before.

  • Many programs that start out as simple graphics-file viewers get increasingly bloated with each new version. In fact, most are now too slow for us to recommend. The exception is IrfanView (free), which displays dozens of image formats and feels like the fastest program ever written. If viewing image files is your main concern, this is a sure win.

  • How do you now store your images? Probably at least your grandchildren should be interested, that you keep your digital images safe and in a good shape! I am myself strongly in favor of the Tiff format for archiving of digital images!

  • VCW VicMan's Photo Editor is a versatile image editor with an intuitive interface and a wide variety of features. This powerful application is user friendly, offering simple image editing, high productivity and easy customization. The best thing is that it is for free!

  • Sometimes simple ideas and things are the best. This seems to be the case with Pixort, an image-sorting program. Pixort is a FREE tool for reviewing, comparing, sorting and culling photographic image files. It is not yet another photo archiving and organizing tool: it is dedicated to the initiation of a digital photography workflow where a photographer reviews his or her 2000 photos from the vacation or latest wedding assignment. Pixort is highly recommended. Whether you are a JPG or raw shooter, whatever raw converter you prefer, Pixort will almost certainly speed up the initial process of culling and sorting images. (Pixort is not an image editing tool, nor will it ever be. Pixort is not a photo archiving/organizing application. There are plenty of excellent tools out there that can do the job very well. )

  • Finally, programs are available to keep a database of thumbnails on line for images that have been archived to CD ROM or DVD ROM. In this category of software, many people might commit to one program but it never meets every need, so they keep trying out the rest like Photo Mechanic.,   iView MediaPro/Mac or the ACDSee . Most serious photographers save their raw files, and some save the TIFFs also. This takes a lot of storage, and archiving to a medium like DVD is essential. A good example of such a program is the newly released Thumbs Plus 7 which offers new toolbar buttons and graphics with a Windows XP feel, improved menus, and a much wider selection of buttons to choose from. I use myself Thumbs Plus which satisfied my needs. Great and cheap. Thumbs Plus is a graphic file viewer, locator and organizer that simplify the process of finding and maintaining graphics, clip-art files, fonts and animations. Thumbs Plus will also create a slide show from selected graphics, and install bitmap files as Windows wallpaper. Also ODBC database support (MS Access format by default).

  • The image browser I really like for the PC is Breeze Browser. It is shareware and sells for $49.95. It is fast, has a clean, simple interface, has a "view in high quality" mode that will let you preview how something will look sharpened, and does a pretty mean RAW conversion to will even do them in batch mode. I have both Breeze Browser and ACDSee 5.0, and I hardly ever use ACDSee, but I always use Breeze Browser. It also prints contact sheets REALLY fast...I mean REALLY fast. Another feature that is nice is that it will allow you to copy photos from flash card to disk with keyboard shortcuts. It is a dynamite little app and well worth the 50 clams. While it does not do batch sharpening, you can do that with in PS with Photokit Sharpener (my Swedish evaluation) or Focal Blade (which is what you should be using anyway, as they much superior to pretty much anything out there, IMHO). I have made a provisional Swedish evaluation which I will finish a.s.a.p as I just bought the Canon S-60 and in the latest release 2.9 it now supports the raw format also for this camera

  • Graphics software giant Adobe Systems is about to make a splash in the image management market with Adobe Photoshop Album ($49.99 list) The program has an innovative interface that makes it very easy to use. You bring images into the program by specifying folders to watch or grabbing photos from digital cameras and scanners. One of PC Magazines favorite features of this program is the time line that runs across the top of the program. It lists months, left to right, and displays small bars that indicate how many pictures were taken on a particular date. Click on a bar and you jump to the images taken that month. I use it myself for all my images and skipped

  • An easy way to create amazing slide shows for your PC and TV can be to use ProShowTM. Create video CDs that play in your DVD player, self-contained executable shows, screen savers, PC auto run CDs and more!

  • Microsoft Photo Story 3 is a truly significant upgrade, offering dramatic improvements to almost every feature. This free program is an excellent choice for users looking for an intuitive way to create compelling slide shows from their digital still images.
    PROS: Free. Easy wizard-driven interface. Powerful panning and zooming controls. Text captions on images and 48 different transitions. Customizable soundtrack creation.
    CONS: No CD or DVD burning.

  • Other people prefer programs like ACDSee Classic which is a fast, full-featured image viewer that displays digital images in high resolution. According to PC Magazine, November 2002, this full-featured database delivers sensible tools for organizing, cataloguing, retrieving and sharing digital media files. It can handle video and audio files, but its real strength is as an image database. A more recent review is found here!

  • For scanning on my Epson Photo 1650 I use, when scanning negatives, VueScan. Much better than Epson's own twain driver and also quite cheap.

  • Steves-Digicams has a nice referrers to Album & Organizer Software

  • One of the on-line albums I know about is FotoTime. One way to share your pictures on the web. Any other suggestions?

  • What is a good photo gallery maker?
    A free alternative is the Gallery! A Gallery is a collection of photo albums. You can have as many Galleries as you want on your web server. Each gallery contains as many photo albums as you want. Configuration of Gallery and administration of the photo albums is done entirely via an intuitive, web interface. You don't need special privileges on your web server to install, configure and maintain Gallery. It's free, and we (the Gallery team) support it. They also have a Forum to allow users to hold their discussions, ask for and receive assistance.

  • I have been recommended the freeware Jalbum. You can also do a slideshow with this soft.

  • There are many photo sites out there, so what's so special about Shutterfly? The site's main distinction is the quality of its prints. Shutterfly doesn't do photo cookies, lollipops, or refrigerator magnets, but it does do great prints-reliably and consistently. A particularly nifty option is a Shutterfly snap book, a spiral-bound book of your pictures with your own title and captions. This is essentially a professionally produced storybook based on your own words and images. They have a "pro gallery" that has been getting gradually better. The prints are nice and very consistent considering they are Fuji Crystal Archive prints. They also have very good customer service for those rare occasions that you need them. Among Nominees to Webby Award 2006

  • In an other newsgroup I read about those recovery program. PHOTORECOVERY for Digital Media. The claim it will recover lost images from Smart Media, Compact Flash I & II, Memory Sticks, SD/XD Cards, CD, MiniDisk or almost any other type of media* used by digital cameras. An other alternative is if you lost your pictures you can try PhotoRescue: the digital photo & picture recovery solution for erased or damaged compact flash, memory stick, xd cards, smart media, sd cards and other media used in digital cameras. Download their demo for Windows or for Mac OS X and save your cherished memories! Windows
  • What is a good photo gallery maker?
    A free alternative is the Gallery! A Gallery is a collection of photo albums. You can have as many Galleries as you want on your web server. Each gallery contains as many photo albums as you want. Configuration of Gallery and administration of the photo albums is done entirely via an intuitive, web interface. You don't need special privileges on your web server to install, configure and maintain Gallery. It's free, and we (the Gallery team) support it. They also have a Forum to allow users to hold their discussions, ask for and receive assistance.

  • Organizing Photos (Asset management), a review of different softwares from Digital Outback Photo. They opened up a new series about photo organization and added links to all our relevant articles. All future articles on this topic will be found there.

  • camera-buying tips Pro Gear Duo Memory Card Reader review. This device is a fit and forget kind of product that will definitely save you a lot of time when it comes to transferring files from your digital memory cards to your computer. The fact that it supports and works well with 10 kinds of memory formats will be great news for anyone who has a number of digital devices that all use different storage cards - photography website editors included! The Pro Gear Duo is light, portable and well-made; only the slight niggle with the USB connection spoils an otherwise impeccable performance. A highly recommended upgrade for anyone who is currently using a USB 1.0 card reader or who owns more than one type of memory card format.

    camera-buying tips Cameras are cool. But the likelihood is that you're going to want to make hard copies of those precious moments in time you have captured. You can get someone else to print them or you can print them yourself - which is a lot of fun, after all. So do your camera justice - find out the best ways to print your photos. (An UK-based Web magazine for users of digital photography hardware, software and services)

    digital cameras and digitala kameror You can also create your own Online Photo Albums! You can sign up for your own account and get 30 megabyte of your own. You can share it with your friends, Create custom greeting cards for the holidays and much more. One other on-line albums I know about is FotoTime. One way to share your pictures on the web. Any other suggestions?

    digital cameras and digitala kameror Photo Web sites fall into two categories: photo communities , which emphasize online sharing but also offer print output, and service-bureau sites (Ofoto, PhotoWorks, Shutterfly (Editors Choice), and Snappish), which have minimal sharing capabilities but specialize in creating prints and offer photo-adorned items (mugs, T-shirts, puzzles—you get the picture). Uploading, storing, and sharing are still free at most sites, which make money by running ads as well as selling prints and photo-decorated products, but you may soon have to pay for these features. Like many Web-based markets, the online photo niche has undergone changes. Smaller sites have been swallowed up by larger players (Kodak recently bought Ofoto), and others such as PhotoPoint are switching to a subscription service model or providing an infrastructure for other sites (as Zing did for Nikon's NikonNet).

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    Newsgroup for Photographers

    •   Luminous Landscape photographer's forum is a discussions forum relating to nature photography and digital imaging. You find also groups for Digital Image Processing and Printers, Papers and Inks. I learn a lot myself by visiting hear now and then.

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