You've just walked into my Entry Foyer !
I have now more than 300 pages with more than 6900 URLs out into the Cyberspace.
Here you will find several doors that will lead to a variety of rooms within my WebHome, - explore and enjoy! A collection of my favorite links you will find also hear.

(To have control of som many URLs manually is impossible. Xenu's Link Sleuth (TM) is a spidering software I use to check my Web site for broken links (about 6900 URL:s as per March 14 Year 2005). Link verification is done on "normal" links, images, frames, backgrounds, local image maps, style sheets, scripts and applets. It displays a continuously updated list of URL's which you can sort by different criteria.This program can also create a sitemap

One of my interests is digital imaging?
I spend quite some time with my Epson Perfection Photo scanner 1640 and Photoshop. My prints I do on a Canon S600 inkjet printer although a printer with six inks will perform a little better. I have a collection of some very good sites with updated links in digital imaging in general and for Photoshoppers especially. For all of you looking for a new scanner, printer or digital camera there are also some good pages with links to interesting sites. Some of my favorites reviews of Epson ink jet printers and Photoshop 7 & Colour Management I have translated with the permission of the authors into the Swedish language. To be found on my training-course site.

Several of the visitors to this site have been distant relatives!
This is because I have quite an extensive genealogy site with many branches around the families Edén-Ekdahl-Lager-Ohlsson-Ringberg. One of them, which was not aware before, was William Stuart Anderson in Omaha, Nebraska. His grand grandfather, who's father was my my grandfathers grandfather, left Sweden sometime between 1880 -1890. Without Internet we should still be unknown for to each other

Interesting in Art?
You should then visit, my now 91 year old, fathers Cyber Art Galleri! although the text is in Swedish you still can appreciate his paintings. He is still going strong and participated in an exhibition in the southern part of Sweden October 2001.

One more interest, although more modest, is about apples.
I have a small site about this subject if you are interested. I little about history, most common species in Sweden and also some recipes. A more dominate interest however, is my family and the summerhouse on the Island Yxlan in the Stockholm archipelago. My sailingboat I sold some years ago so now I should have more time for this