Sibylla Berenger AV BARCELONA
(Efter 1031-)



Hertig Av Burgund Henrik I Capet AV BURGUND

Sibylla Berenger AV BARCELONA
  • Född: Efter 1031
  • Äktenskap: Hertig Av Burgund Henrik I Capet AV BURGUND

Sibylla gifte sig med Hertig Av Burgund Henrik I Capet AV BURGUND, son till Hertig Av Burgund Robert I "den Gamle" Capet AV BURGUND och Helie (Ella) Ermengarde DE SEMUR. (Hertig Av Burgund Henrik I Capet AV BURGUND föddes under 1035 och dog ungefär 1074.)

Anm: The name of the wife of Henry is unknown. That she was named Sibylle is based on an over-interpretation of a charter. A document refered to "Sibylla, mother of the Duke [of Burgundy]", and it was concluded that this must be the wife of Henry because she was the only mother of a Duke who was not herself a Duchess. However, in the context of the document it would have been quite natural to refer to the mother of the sitting Duke as such, independent of what the status of her deceased husband. It instead clearly referd to a Sibylle of a subsequent generation. As to Henry's wife being from Barcelona, this two is based on names - specifically the name Borrell, used by the Barcelona Counts, appearing as the byname of two of her sons. However, Sibylla could just as well have been maternal granddaughter of Ramon Borrell, a descendat of Wifred II Borrell (brother of Suniario, above) or a member of one of the other local families that also used the name, with no apparent relationship to the Counts of Barcelona.

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