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Ursula Kaiser
  • Born: In Fechenheim, Frankfurt a/M, Hessen-Nassau, Prussia, Germany

I got this e-mail from Ursula :
Dear Lars Ekdahl, I don't believe that I have written to you before. My name is Ursula Kaiser Foster. I was born in Frankfurt am Main/Fechenheim, Germany. I live in the state of Washington, USA, south of Seattle. After my father died as a German soldier in 1943 in Albania, my mother married an American soldier and we immigrated to the U.S.

I have seen your website on which you listed the name and ancestors of Jakob Camberger, who is my 7th great-grandfather. His daughter Margaretha Dorothea married Gillius Aegidius Radu in Weilmuenster. Their descendant Johannette Katharine Margrethe Radu was my great-grandmother who married Wilhelm Adam Kaiser in Fechenheim in 1874.

I am interested in knowing your relationship to Jakob Camberger. Apparently you and I are cousins several generations removed. I would be very happy to know.
Ursula Kaiser Foster
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Ursula är min fru ,Åsa Lagers, mormors åttamänning.(7th cousin twise removed.) (7 Ur-Grosstante 2 Generationen entfernt)


I am very glad that Ursula contacted me, as in the Swedish genealogy reference literature, (i.e. Släkten Radou ur Örnberg, Svensk Släktkalender och Svenska ättertal, vol. X, sid 410-412), nothing is known about what happened to Gillius (Aegidius) Radu. All of the other children from Adam Radou are well documented. The information I got from her
(Like the digital copy of the marriage record on a microfilm of the original records of the church of Weilmuenster she send me. That microfilm is in the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. It can be ordered to view at any Family History Center in the world. Family History Library microfilm #823,569 item 4. Parish Register of Weilmuenster, Hessen-Nassau, Germany.) ads further proof that he really went to Germany and also got married there.

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