Egidia (Giles) Murray - Heiress of Culbin




Thomas Kinnaird (of Kinnaird) (Sir)

Egidia (Giles) Murray - Heiress of Culbin
  • Äktenskap: Thomas Kinnaird (of Kinnaird) (Sir) omkring 1418 i Naughton, Fife, Scotland

Egidia gifte sig med Thomas Kinnaird (of Kinnaird) (Sir) omkring 1418 i Naughton, Fife, Scotland. (Thomas Kinnaird (of Kinnaird) (Sir) föddes omkring 1400 och dog omkring 1446.)

Quote - The Barony of Culbin was lost to the Kinnairds after the disaster known as the mystery of the Culbin Sands, when the estate became overblown by sand from the Moray Firth and the rich farmlands were destroyed. This was reputed to have happened overnight, however this is improbable and the destruction was more likely to have been progressive culminating in 1694/95 when the Laird's house and remaining land became buried by sand and unproductive. This was a sad end to an estate which had had 3600 acres containing sixteen farms and was considered rich enough for Montrose to plunder in 1614, fifty years earlier.

Following this event, the Culbin branch became impoverished and had to appeal to the Crown for relief from taxation and protection against imprisonment for debts.

The estate was put up for sale and passed to the family of Duff who retained it from 1698 for some years. The next change of ownership was to a Colonel Grant and it appears to have been in this family until it was sold to the Government and hence to the Forestry Commission who in 1921 started extensive reclamation.

(In the book "Kinnairds of Culbin" by Rev. James Murray, page 8, Andrew is stated to be son of Thomas i.e. grandson of Alan and not as shown in the Scots Peerage as a nephew. The date Thomas died is different in the two sources; circa 1505 in Scots Peerage and 1514 in the Rev. Murray's book. )

Egidia Murray - Heiress of Culbin är min, Lars Ekdahls, 16:e generations ana. Min fm,ff,mf,mm,ff,ff,ff,fm. My 14th Great-Grandmother.

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