pil pil pil
Jernarbetaren Johan Filip Bjorling
Anna Greta Persdotter
Mjölnaren Karl Johan Karlsson
H. Nilla Charlotta Svensdotter
Albert Wilhelm Björling
Otilia Amalia Karlsson
Folke Ragnwald Bjorling



Äkta hälfter/Barn::
1. Jadwiga (Jennie) Burba

2. Hilda Björling

Folke Ragnwald Bjorling
  • Född: 15 Juli 1901, Marieholm, Döderhults församling, Kalmar, Sweden
  • Äktsk/Relation (1): Jadwiga (Jennie) Burba den 15 Maj 1932 i Brooklyn, NY. USA
  • Äktsk/Relation (2): Hilda Björling
  • Död: 11 Mars 1964, Goshen Hospital, Goshen, NY., USA vid 62 års ålder
  • Begravd: 13 Mars 1964, Wallkill Valley Cemetery, Walden, NY.

Folke told his son Albert of his youth growing up in the port of Goteborg, where he would dive under the bows of the many sailing ships anchored in the port. He was quite active in sports, Soccer was a favorite, for a while he did amateur boxing, later went aboard ships as a crew member. He immigrated to the USA eventually. Living in the Bay Ridge area of Brooklyn, NY. In the 1920's he was a 'Bouncer' in local Night Clubs, and drove a truck for contractors building up the Long Island area. Worked on the docks in 1950's as a security guard. Folke enjoyed his Swedish Heritage and he Managed the SWEDISH Soccer football team during the years of World War Two for the Swedish Football Club, 725 65th Street, Brooklyn, NY. Folke became President of this Athletic Club for a few years, and was award medals and watch for his service..........

Folke gifte sig med Jadwiga (Jennie) Burba, dotter till Pheolix (Felix) Burba och Suzanna (Susie) Olejnik, den 15 Maj 1932 i Brooklyn, NY. USA. (Jadwiga (Jennie) Burba föddes den 6 December 1911 i Pittston, Luzerne County, PA., USA, döpt i Holy Rosary Church, Duryea, PA, USA, död den 12 Augusti 1973 i Horton Hospital, Middletown, NY, USA och blev begravd den 14 Augusti 1973 i Wallkill Valley Cemetery, Walden, NY...........)


Folke next married Hilda Björling. (Hilda Björling was born on 24 July 1905 in Finland and died on 10 August 1930.)

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