Rozalia Burba (Mn)
(-Omkr 1936)
Pheolix (Felix) Burba



Äkta hälfter/Barn::
Suzanna (Susie) Olejnik

Pheolix (Felix) Burba
  • Född: 1881, Grodno Vilno, Lithuania [Poland/Russia]
  • Äktsk/Relation: Suzanna (Susie) Olejnik år 1907 i Holy Rosary Church, Duryea, PA, USA
  • Död: 1 November 1941, Pittston Hospital, Pittston, PA., USA vid 60 års ålder
  • Begravd: 4 November 1941, St. Peter And Paul Church Cemetary, Avoca, PA, USA

His grandson Albert writes in a letter to Lars Ekdahl..... Felix Burba lived in Latvia, above Lithuania. Vilno is in Lithuania. Grodno is on Polish border. Felix Burba immigrated in 1903 to USA, (Suzanne Siuta reports that Felix Burba immigrated to the NY, USA in 1903. )New York Ellis Island. Albert Felix Bjorling [age 6 - 8] recollections of his grandfather Felix Burba and his second wife Louise [Kozik] Burba their home at 1017 Vine Street, Avoca, PA. I remember calling grandfather 'Gahgee. To me he was a tall man [estimate 5' 10", or so] with a big frame. He was a Blond haired man with a crew cut who was a hard working coal miner. Albert recalls his grandfather as loving, knew how to smile, and was friendly. Felix Burba was a financial success. He owned his home, perhaps others as well, and loaned money to friends.

As a youngster of 6 or 7 years Albert can recall grandfather coming home from the mines with traces of coal dust on his face with a big smile for me. Albert would wait for him near the back fence, which was in sight of school and a local convenience store. Usually he would buy me a bag of cheese popcorn, which he enjoyed eating. At this time Gahgee lived lived in his home with his second wife Louise Kozik we called her 'Bocce. She had spit curls and dark black hair. She treated us all nice, but was strict. She was a typical Polish wife.

Bocce's brother Louis [Louie], a barber, lived with them. Louie later came down with a lung disease from inhaling hair. Albert recalls Louis as a practical joker. He entertained us kids, playing funny jokes and tricks for our laughter. The BURBA home on Vine Street had a 'cold cellar' that was used to store food and soda: it was dark and scary to us kids then. Bocce would make kielbasa, polish sausage in her kitchen. She would use a hand crank casing stuffing machine at the kitchen table. When the kielbasa was finished Bocce cooked it. We all enjoyed eating the delicious cooked fresh kielbasa. Gahgee took me, on one occasion, on a tour of the coal mine where he worked. Albert was quite impressed with tour of this mine shaft. Another time, Albert recalls Gahgee transported our Mom, my sister Carol and Albert, in his big 4 door 'limbo type' car from his Avoca, PA home to our home in Brooklyn, NY. That was just after the PA turnpike [1930's] was opened, Albert believes. Gahgee parked his car in the garage near the house. It was fun for Albert to climb into the parked car, and while sitting in the drivers seat playing he was driving the car. In his later years Albert can still recall the distinctive smell of that car had as one entered the garage.

Other recollections both Albert and his sister Carol have, are of picking blue berries at the top of Vine Street. Bocce would take Mom and us kids to pick blue berries up the road, past the railroad tracks to pick the biggest and juiciest wild blue berries. The Avoca/Scranton airport exists there now. Albert also recalls Gahgee's funeral in Nov 1941. He had died in the Pittston Hospital at 7:30 AM of 1 Nov 1941. He was taken here after the mine accident. The family were told his ribs were crushed, and that his lungs had been punctured. My mother received a telegram advising her of his accident and the fatal injuries. At that time we lived in our home in Brooklyn, NY. Mom's heart was broken, she immediately packed clothes to make a bus trip to Avoca. We arrived after a very long tiring trip.

Looking back at it, [Albert, Looking back now] this took a great deal of courage and strength by Mom to pack up us two children and travel to PA, When we arrived in Avoca we met up with all the family members. Some stayed at Gahgee's home, others stayed with area friends and relatives. We spent some nights at friends homes. Albert can recall us grand children gathered together at that time, making the best of this serious event Gahgee's body dressed in a dark suit and tie, when he was places on display in his home parlor. Many friends and relatives came to pay their respects.

Pheolix gifte sig med Suzanna (Susie) Olejnik, dotter till Michael Olejnik och Katarzyna (Catherine) Kuczny, år 1907 i Holy Rosary Church, Duryea, PA, USA. (Suzanna (Susie) Olejnik föddes omkring 1891 i Czeszowie, Bialystok, Poland, död den 25 Juli 1932 i Laeka County Hospital, Rausom Township, PA. USA och blev begravd den 28 Juli 1932 i Holy Rosary Church, Duryea, PA, USA.)

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