Passanger list. Olof Skogqvist, Age 52, Birh Year about 1861. Ship Name Adriatic. Arrival N.Y. 14 juni 1913 from Liverpool, England

Ship Information
Ship Name: Adriatic
Shipping Line: White Star
Ship Description: Built by Harland & Wolff, Ltd., Belfast, Ireland. Tonnage: 24,563. Dimensions: 709' x 75' (726' o.l.). Twin-screw, 18 knots. Quadruple expansion engines. Four masts and two funnels.
History: Launched, September 20, 1906. Maiden voyage: Liverpool-New York, May 8, 1907. A very steady and excellent type of passenger ship. Sold to Japanese shipbreakers in December 1934. Dismantled in Japan, 1935. Sister ship: Baltic. Note: The top superstructure differed considerably from the Baltic. However they were quite similar in other aspects. The general appearance also was similar to the Cedric and Celtic. The four liners comprised the White Star Line's "Big Four".