Hur får man rätta färder i sin bildskärm?
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En test av colorvision spyder Spyder
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Testbild för att kontrollera färgerna efter kalibrering av bildskärmen med Colorvision Spyder. När jag nu jämför bilden på skärmen med den jag får på min, från Imaging Revue profilerade skrivare, Canon i865, och på deras nya Photo Paper Plus Glossy, känner jag mig verkligen nöjd. Får nu en stor överensstämmelse mellan de två bilderna.


Pixl_testimage2009_TIFF is the official Pixl Test image. The image is copyrighted and may only be used for personal use. If your wish to use this image commercially (many Lab's do to prove colour fidelity to their clients) please contact Pixl at

Feel free to use this image to evaluate if your monitor or your printer performs like they should. When you view this image on your monitor the grey wedge and the B&W image should be dead neutral, and you should be able to tell the difference between all the steps in the grey wedge, except for the very last of the black ones. The other components are memory colours and commonly occurring colours, many on the edge of a large CMYK gamut. This test image, contain colours which often can flush out problems with defective monitor calibrator devices, defects which can occur even on new devices.

If you want to use this image to verify that your printer performs correctly, just remember that it should be able to render a perfectly neutral greyscale, with definition all the way from Black to White. It's somewhat hard to objectively describe how the rest of the colours should appear.

Pixl Testimage in the 2009 version is a tiff version for Photoshop annotated with the notes tool (make sure you open up the notes palette in Photoshop) to give a good description of how an image should appear on screen and after a conversion. The image is in Adobe RGB (1998) color space

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