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Akronym - (acronym) - initialförkortning. Akronym är ett initialord som uttalas som ett "vanligt ord". som t.ex. NATO för Nordatlantiska fördragsorganisationen.
(Adobe) ACE: The CMM (Color Matching Method/Module) used in Photoshop to do colorspace conversions.
ACR: Adobe Camera Raw or as it is now called Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw
AF : autofocus drive from camera body
ASP : Aspherical lens element used
AWB: Automatic white balance
Bokeh = "the Japanese-originated concept of the difference between out of focus areas of an image due to lens design." Blurred background
C1: Capture One (Raw converter from PhaseOne)
CCD: Charge-Coupled Device
CD: Compact Disk
CD-R: Compact Disc-Recordable
CIE - An acronym for a chromaticity coordinate system developed by the Commission Internationale de l'Eclairage, the international commission on illumination. In the CIE system, a plot of ratios (x, y and z) of the three standard primary colors (tristimulus values) to their sum. The most common diagram is the 2 dimensional CIE (x,y).
CMOS: Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
CMS: Color Management System
CMYK: Cyan Magenta Yellow blacK (Key) Also known as the "devils colorspace"
CPU: Central Processing Unit
CRT: Cathode-Ray Tube
CS: Creative Suite
DAC: Digital-to-Analog Converter
DAM : Digital Asset Manager. T. ex Adobe Bridge
DICOM: Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (is the most common standard for receiving medical scans. Photoshop Extended allows you to open and work with DICOM (.dc3, .dcm, .dic, or no extension) files)
DPI : Dots per inch - the number of distinct pixels that can be produced horizontally or vertically in a linear inch.
D-SLR : -Digital Single Lens Reflex
Read more: http://www.brighthub.com/multimedia/photography/articles/7634.aspx#ixzz0QVBZc1uD DSP : Digital signal processing
DTP : Desktop publishing, including typesetting, image handling and page composition
DOT : A hafttone dot used in color separations. Haftone dots have fixed density of CMYK, but variable size. By varying the size and shape of a halftone dot, continuous tone colors can be created. Also the minimum addressable point in a dot-matrix printer.
DPI: Dots Per Inch
DI: Digital Imaging
DX : digital camera only (not full frame)
DVD : Digital Video Disk EEM: Epson Enhanced Matte
EPS: Encapsulated PostScript
EVFA: Epson Velvet Fine Art
EXIF: Exchangeable Image File Format
GCR: Gray Component Replacement
GIGO : Garbage In Garbage Out
GM: GretagMacbeth
GUI: Graphical User Interface
HD: Hard Drive
HDR: High Dynamic Range
HSI -: An acronym for the Hue-Saturation-Intensity color representation. A mathematical conversion from RGB. Often used for machine vision analysis.
i1 : EyeOne (Spectrophotometer from GretagMacbeth)
I/O : An acronym for Input/Output data either entering or leaving a system. Input may be camera, tape, disk, video, scanner, and output may be tape, disk, CD ROM, film recorder, printer, plotter, or imagesetter.
ICC : International Color Consortium
ID : InDesign
IP: Imageprint
IPTC: International Press Telecommunications Council
ISO: International Organization for Standardization
JPEG: Joint Photographic Experts Group
Kludge: Poorly designed
LED: Light Emitting Diode
LZW: Lempel-Zif-Welsh (a compression format)
MB: MegaByte
MP: MegaPixel
OOF : Out Of Focus
PDF: Portable Document Format
PG: Pixel Genius
PGPP: (Epson) Premium Glossy Photo Paper
Pixel : An acronym for "picture element." The smallest distinguishable and resolvable area in an image. The discrete location of an individual photo-sensor in a solid state camera.
PK: PhotoKit
PLU: (Epson) Premium Luster
PM: Pixel Mafia
PMP: ProfileMaker Pro
PMT: PhotoMultiplier Tube
PPCM: Pixels/centimetre
PPI: Pixels Per Inch
PPM: Pixles Per Millimeters
PPMM: Pixels/mm
PR: (Hahnemuhle) Photo Rag
PS: Photoshop
PSM: (Epson) Premium Semi-Matte
RAID: Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks
RDF: Resource Description Framework (additional XML schema)
RGB: An acronym for the Red-Green-Blue color space. .
RIP: Raster Image Processor
RTFM: Read The Frigging* Manual
SCSI: Small Computer System Interface
SDK: System (Software) Development Kit
SGML: Standard Generalized Markup Language
SLR : Single lens reflex camera (the same thing as a D-SLR, only referring to film cameras
SPI: Samples Per Inch
TAC: Total Area Coverage (also known as Total Ink Limits)
TIFF: Tagged Image File Format
TWAIN: Technology Without An Interesting Name (really!)
UC: Ultrachrome Ink (pigmented ink for Epson printers)
UCA: Under Color Addition
UCR: Under Color Removal
UI: User Information
USM: UnSharp Mask
UV: Ultra Violet
VGA: Video Graphics Array
VM: Virtual Memory
WYSIWYG: What You See Is What You Get
XML: eXtensible Markup Language
XMP: Extensible Metadata Platform

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