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Music in general
red bullet gif imageAre you an Andrew Lloud Webber admirer?

red bullet gif image Largest Internet Radio Network , the Musicplasma

red bullet At Minely A capella you will find the largest selection of a cappella in the world. Here you can listen to 20,000+ a cappella sound files!. Of course you will the Swedish The real Group among the top sellers
Classical music!
red bullet Do you love Beethoven you should absolutely visit the BBS Beethoven sajt! Among many things you can also download, for free and legally, each symphony for seven days after it is broadcast at BBC.

 red bullet All the Biographies of the worlds composers.

red bullet gif image Welcome to the fantastic world of classical guitar. In this site, you will find classical guitar songs, in midi format, for one and more guitars: actually 2064 MIDI files from 128 composers.

red bullet gif imageklassiskt At Classical Net Home Page you can stay for ever. To visit is a must for any classical music lovers

red bullet gif image DeutchDeutsche Grammophon- a smell of leather.

red bulletEclassical är sajten som som har specialiserat sig på att sälja klassisk musik i digital form. Du betalar runt 8 kronor per låt. En del gratislåtar finns också att hämta här.Nu kan du också ladda hem klassisk musik i form av mp3-filer.

red bullet DW3 Classical Mucic claim they have the most comprehensive collection of classical music links. At least they have 3000.

red bullet gif imageBlå noter i Cyberspace! Elegant and professional is this legendary homesite of the jazz company Blue Notes.

red bullet gif image At Jazz Online you can survey the jazz artist biographies and interviews and get events information. With a video showcase and a chat room.


red bullet gif imageA goldmine for music lovers

MP3 red bullet gif image The World's Largest Internet Radio Networkwas honoured with the Peoples Voice Award in the category of Music . I am sure you will find your own favourite music here.


red bullet gif imageVisit The Cure. A house is the heart in the official homesite of The Cures. Now and than the members of the band has a video camera on line so you can see what that are up to for the moment.

red bullet gif image At last the Beatles has now got its own site.

red bullet gif image Elvis Presley. This site is sick but fun!!

Download music

red bullet gif imageDownload iTunes 7 and make yourself at home. Buy music, videos, podcasts and audiobooks, or download free podcasts from the iTunes Store 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Play everything on your Mac or PC. Then sync it to your iPod and bring it along. Anywhere.

red bullet gif image Instead of DRM-protected AAC or WMA files, the eMusic service delivers unrestricted, unprotected, 192-Kbps, variable-bit-rate MP3s.Sign up for a two-week trial (which requires a credit card) and you get 25 free downloads, no strings attached. After that, eMusic charges from $9.99 to $19.99 per month.

Already the music-subscription champ, Napster has established a Web presence that?s free, fun, and ideal for discovering new music.Pros. Three free plays of every song in the Napster library; no software or registration required; cut-and-paste Web link for songs; dozens of prefab playlists you can stream instantly according to PC Magazine
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