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Lars Ekdahl's news favorite sites

CNN The latest, and most comprehensive news you will find at CNN , TV I think. This superb site gives a wealth of multimedia content without stinting on the written word and for global news it´s hard to beat. And CNN´s sport offering in conjunction with Sports Illustrated is like no other in content, organization, and ease of navigation.

afghanistan online Afghanistan Online is a privately owned, independent web site that provides updated news and information on Afghanistan. Originally known as the Qazi Webpage on Afghanistan, the title was changed to Afghanistan Online and launched on May 14, 1997. Today, thanks to our dedicated visitors, we have become the biggest, and most visited Afghan web site on the World Wide Web. We have won numerous awards and are a point of reference for many schools and organizations. We are dedicated to providing the most current, and reliable information on Afghanistan

cnn sverige Another news favorite of mine is Washington Post

cnn sverige She may be over 150 and a Gray Lady, but The New York Times on the Web is au courant, with all the news that's fit to scroll, updated regularly. Registration is required but free, as are articles going back seven days. You'll find extras like videos and an RSS feed, and you don't need gloves to read this version.

Dagens NyheterDagens Nyheter has developed fantastic since the start on Internet May 23 1997 Dagens Nyheter

Aftonbladet Aftonbladet Maybe the most visited Swedish newspaper on Internet. You can also find information if you are looking for a car, lodging,entertainment, sport and traveling .

red bullet gif image The best Internet paper in Sweden? ETC now with film, sound, speech and a lot of extras. The plug-in Shockwave can also be useful to have.

red bullet A rides through Chernobyl area now including a photos of new rides (spring 2004) beginning of a story about town where one can ride with no stoplights, no police, no danger to hit some cage or some dog..

red bullet gif image Lockergnome is one of the largest daily newsletters dealing with all things computer, operated by Chris Pirillo (host of TechTV's Call for Help).

red bulletAt you get the latest news about Internet and PC issues. The also provide an excellent search service for all of there published articles

red bullet gif image Freshnews is intended to be a time saver for tech-savvy people. Freshnews simply puts all the best tech news in one easy to use location.

red bullet gif imageYou should not forget to visit  Sveriges Radio

Salon MagazineSalon Magazine Hear they have succeeded in creating a editorial mix which will suit thoughtful but also news searching web readers.

NewsweekElectronic Newsstand - the ultimate magazine source- It means that you can Browse for magazines by channel: From A to T

NewsweekIf you frequently find yourself on the edge of your seat, waiting eagerly for news about an upcoming version of your favorite software, then sit back, relax, and read this site. At BetaNews you will find information ranges from news about mainstream products to downloads of the latest builds of utilities.

NewsweekAt last Newsweek is on the right side of the firewall of AOL so also we can have a look

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