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No single Internet search engine will be right for every task. The best directory search on the net, Yahoo!,wins the Editors' last choice for the fourth year. Also For Advanced searching the same position is taken by Google. Last year's winner, in a test from, Google was again the clear choice for being named the Outstanding Search Service of 2003. The company not only maintained its widely-praised high relevancy, but it also unveiled a dizzying array of new features and services.

Choose any of the following search engines and try to be familiar with at least 3 of them !
AltaVista   BrainBoost   Google Groups   Fast Search   Find People   Goggle   Ixquickv   open directory   Yahoo  

      If you don't find what you searched for, in the top 10 to 30 hits, change your query, or move to another search engine. Each search engine will locate some outstanding sites that none of the others found. To do a thorough job, it appears you must search several sites.   My own favorites  is  Yahoo,   Google (used to be AltaVista),  and Ixquick

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Nowadays Yahoo has its own algorithmic search technology on Yahoo!® Search . Interestingly, in almost all of my tests with random queries, Yahoo reports more results found than Google. Does this mean that Yahoo's index is bigger? Perhaps -- but reported results are estimates, not exact counts. They also can include factors other than keyword matches and so are notoriously unreliable measures of overall index size. Suffice to say that Yahoo's index is comparable to Google's for most queries.
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No Usenet search site is perfect, but Google Groups: This 20-year archive of Usenet conversations (former DejaNews) is the largest of its kind and can serve as a powerful reference tool, while offering insight into the history and culture of the Internet. Google Groups was released from beta today with 700 million postings in more than 35,000 topical categories language="javascript1.2">
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Back when everyone's default search engine was AltaVista, Google had a different idea: Rank sites' relevance by the number of links pointing to them. Its uncanny ability to find what you were looking for made it number one, and it keeps getting better, with 2.5 billion Web pages under its belt. Google's image search and Usenet portals are indispensable, and its Web directory/taxonomy is as good as Yahoo's. You can search from your Web-enabled phone too, or download a toolbar that lets you Google from any Web site.
The "I'm Feeling Lucky TM" button automatically takes you to the first web page returned for your query. An "I'm Feeling Lucky" search means less time searching for web pages.
Here you can read more about Google!

To access the directory, just search at Google and look for " Relevant Category " links at the top of the results page. Or, you can also browse categories from the Goggle directory home page.

At Google Web Search Features you can do Site Search, search for non-HTML file formats including PDF documents and others and much more specific tasks

Google Web Search Features: In addition to providing easy access to more than 8 billion web pages, Google has many special features to help you to find exactly what you're looking for. Click the title of a specific feature to learn more about it. One of my own favourites is the Definitions To see a definition for a word or phrase, simply type the word "define," then a space, and then the word(s) you want defined. If Google has seen a definition for the word or phrase on the Web, it will retrieve that information and display it at the top of your search results.

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This Norwegian search engine is supposed to have the largest updated database according to a test in Dagens Nyheter, the largest Swedish morning paper, January the 27th, 2002.
FAST Search does just one thing: search. Though FAST Search is aggressive about increasing its database size (it plans to have a billion pages by 2001), it needs to iron out a few wrinkles before becoming a serious player.

AllTheWeb, which is operated by FAST, came a long way in 2001. Relevancy improvements, better spam filtering, "clustering" of results so that no one site can crowd others out of the top results are all some of the things that helped turn AllTheWeb into an impressive search resource, one worthy of an honourable mention. The company is also doing interesting work in trying to automatically suggest non-HTML content when relevant, such as multimedia files or images. FAST is now (December 2002) including documents in the popular Microsoft Word format within its web search results. Each Word document is labelled (MS Word) next to the title on a search results page.

I major update was performed January 21, 2003. New features include automatic language mapping, browser integration shortcuts, Boolean search, and an enhanced query language guide

Advanced search is found here!

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 open directory
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This search tool might become one of the two most important in the future. As the web grows, automated search engines and directories with small editorial staffs will be unable to cope with the volume of sites. The goal of this new engine is to produce the most comprehensive directory of the web, and its well on its way to accomplishing this goal. Similar to Yahoo, listings are organized by category and reviewed by editors, though the Open Directory Project relies on a vast army of volunteer editors. While Yahoo can take months to submissions are usually included in the Open Directory Project within weeks. Until recently this meant that most listings were of high quality.

A nice touché If Open Directory does not find what you are looking for just click on one of the other 23 other search engines or directories mentioned. You don't even have to repeat the search phrase or words. It is done automatically.

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This meta search engine is fast, comprehensive and ranks findings by relevance! Searches 14 engines. Results ranked by relevancy and includes information about which search engine it came from. Weighs value of hits by using major engines' top ten results. Currently one of the few meta search tools that supports regular searches, natural language searches, and advanced boolean searches, and knows which engines can handle which types of searches. If a page is listed in more than one search engine, Ixquick tells you which engines and how it was ranked. Does include some redundant listings but overall one of the best metasearch engines. I use it myself in my personal portal.

The result is that pages found in multiple engines are only listed once and ranked by relevancy. This meta search engine is tops in relevancy. Now featuring a clean new design.
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alta vista
Type a specific question, phrase or string of words, or a name.     
Worldwide or       RESULTS IN:  All languages

You can only use the Boolean search using the expressions AND, OR, NOT in the advance mode, You can only use the Boolean search using the expressions AND, OR, NOT in the advance mode.
The AltaVista's strength is its advanced search capabilities. However AltaVista was once one of the three largest search engines for many years, but it has lost ground to the new comers.

The"new" AltaVista is however a comprehensive search engine, if you learn to master it. It is best suited to custom searches that make use of its advanced options. Alta Vista uses a case sensitive algorithm. What this means is that typing in "FISHING" will give you a different result from "Fishing or fishing".
      AltaVista does not search on a site's URL, distinguishing its results radically from the other search services. It also ignores "spamming, " or the meaningless repetition of a word, a technique used by many Web page designers in order to get their page to show up first in some categories. AltaVista says they recognize only two occurrences of any term in a page.
According to the test in PC Magazine December 2000 it still lags behind competitors like Googles and Northern Light in overall search quality. I think it is best suited for very specific searches, items pages and companies. Not for general concepts or categories of information such as "mutual funds" or "online travel".

      A nice touché however is - Find out how many other sites have links to your page with *link:http://[your URL]*.
Sample custom query:
"joe frazier " AND ( "cassius clay " OR "muhammed ali ") AND Madison; Square;Garden

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BrainBoost logga text

BrainBoost is a Question Answering search engine.
It was specifically designed to answer questions, asked in plain English.
BrainBoost is 100% automated. 
Unlike other Question Answering engines, BrainBoost does not rely on human editors to locate answers.  Instead, BrainBoost employs cutting-edge
Artificial Intelligence technology to understand your question and match it with relevant answers it locates on the web.

The design of the web site is clean and uncluttered. The results are presented as answers to your question, and this is text fetched from the relevant web page itself. You may then open that particular page within a frame on the result page itself or in a separate window.
Please also have a look at the sample questions below:
Why is the sky blue?
How many people in the United States are on the Atkins diet?
When did the Titanic sink and how many people died?
Who is Valentines day named after?
What did the Mars Exploration Rover cost?
How does GPS work?
Why is mars red?

What is "Snap Open" ?
Clicking the Snap Open link allows you to see precisely where BrainBoost found the answer.

BrainBoost will display the web page which contained the answer, and scroll down to the exact line mentioning the answer.

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More places from where you can search for information's on Internet

- - About -Ezalead -Bessed - Blekko - BigBook -cranky - -Dogpile - Eurocallonline - Exite - FyberSearch -ftpsearchengines - Gigablast -MetaCrawler - Open Text -oveture -picsearch -Quintura -Seek - spray -Sensis -Special - Sunet - Teoma -Topica -Vivante - WebCrawler - -WiseNut - Vivísimo -ZapMeta
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MESA, Your Meta E-mail Search Agent

Looking for an e-mail address? My new favourite is MESA, Meta Email Search Agent MESA, based in Germany which searches seven Web email directories in parallel, then organizes results by name, listing all known directory entries.
It looks in 6 directories in parallel among others Four11 which nowadays has found a new housing accommodation by Yahoo , IAF which is especially strong at finding university e-mail addresses, although it does lack some of the more advanced search search-filter options of its competitors and Bigfoot. Other sources can be Switchboard.
To find email addresses for friends, cohorts and acquaintances you can also use's directory is absolutely free and well protected against spam email address collectors.'s email address directory is larger than all US phonebooks combined. The directory includes international email addresses as well as American
. More specialized in finding businesses are AnyWho, or the Meta site The Ultimates

Finding people online is often a matter of chance. It isn't as easy as you might think. Despite the proliferation of people finders, white pages, and email directories, your chances of finding the person you seek are slim if you approach the task with a casual attitude.
First Name:
Last Name Maximum search time (in seconds):
Note: By using this search engine you accept, NOT to use any of the found addresses for spamming or any other kind, which might be objectionable!

For a given name (last name is required, first name is optional) it searches in parallel at (nearly) all available sources of email addresses on the Internet. However, be always aware that there is NO complete directory of all email addresses. So if you can not find the address here, it might nevertheless exist.

The following email-search engines are queried in parallel. If you do not want to query all email search engines, please uncheck the appropriate button. Users find Web sites via search engines -- a fact that's been documented time and again. Searching is second only to email as the most popular online activity. How do consumers find products online? According to Jupiter Media Metrix (September 2001):
  1. 28 percent type a product name into a search engine.
  2. 23 percent go straight to the URL.
  3. 9 percent type a brand name into a search engine.
  4. 5 percent type a company name into a search engine.
  5. 5 percent go to a search engine shopping channel.
  Populus   IAF   Yahoo People Search
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