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Cars:  If you know the make and model of the car you wish to buy, here are the three best sites doing the online legwork Sure, you'll buy books and CDs on the Internet, but a car? We were skeptical too, but CarsDirect is a tempting proposition: Choose a car, load it up with options, and get a competitive, no haggle-price, right on the site. CarsDirect then locates your car from its network of 2,500 dealers and handles the paperwork.

Autobytel comAutobytel com. have more than 2700 car dealers from US and Canada connected to this site. It is both a dealer referral service and an auto action site. A good service is the section Your Garage, where you can check on your current car for maintenance updates and recall information.

red bullet gif imageIf you are looking for an efficient way to buy or sell a new or used car, Auto Web Interactive may make you rethink traditional car-buying rituals

red bullet gif image If you haven't settled on the make and model of your next car, go to Microsoft CarPoint. Car browsers and undecided shoppers will appreciate the unique and fun way of virtually exploring the interiors of 55 different models. With 2,000 affiliated dealers, $300 million in monthly sales, 100,000 used-cars listings the site tells quite a story .However, if you are not sure which car you want, this is also a great place to visit and figure out.

red bullet gif image TrueCar helps you research new car prices and find the best deals in your area.

red bullet gif image allows you to calculate and seek pre-approval for your vehicle lease immediately on-line.

Catalog sites compete as much against their own print sisters as against each other. The first three manage to do both in style
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red bullet gif imageThe best online catalog to date ( November 1997 ) comes from Shop EB, the Eddie Bauer site, according to a comprehensive trawling of more than 150 e-commerce sites by PC-Magazine.

red bullet gif imageEverything you love about the Lands' End catalog comes together in its Web store to create one of the best online sources of clothing, shoes, and luggage available.

red bullet gif imageAt the L. L. Bean site you'll find over 600 of the stores most popular products in one easy-to-browse site. Payments may be made via major credit card or L.L. Bean Visa, and products can be shipped in a variety of ways.

Internet Retailer Best of the Web 2006
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dell Michael Dell invented the direct marketing of PCs and was one of the first to harness the Web as a selling tool.

red bullet gif "Best Buy has a history of being first to market with a lot of online shopping applications and they continue to provide the tools to better segment the customer shopping experience," says Geoff Wissman, vice president for Retail Forward Inc.

red bullet gif image , a little CD store with the best new independent music. Although basic in design and lacking the flash graphics and hyped-up images found on other music sites, CD Baby features expanded search functions and an extensive library. For instance, site visitors, which average almost 700,000 per month, can search CD Baby by artist, music category and top sellers. But what really makes the site work well for customers and artists is its niche and unique approach to selling independent music. They might be the web store for independent artists who need a place to sell their CD

red bullet gif When, a retailer of computer equipment and consumer electronics, launched in 2000, it wanted to give tech-savvy shoppers an experience beyond what they would find in a retail store. The company set out to accomplish that by building a large product selection and by offering competitive pricing and top flight customer service and fulfillment. Newegg has built a reputation for offering quality service to do-it-yourself techies, gamers, information technology professionals and what Tong refers to as digital lifestyle persons who make up its customer base. Newegg has eight, custom-built, state-of-the-art logistic centers that ship 98% of packages within 24 hours. And it has a call-center in California that handles only customer service.

red bullet gif image is getting its style back. After losing its reputation as a leader and innovator in direct to consumer sales, is returning to its roots as a branding tool that delivers the information consumers need to make the decision to purchase Sony products on a repeat basis.

Computer Discount Warehouse At the hits just seems keep on coming. In the past year, however, iTunes has transformed itself from a destination site for iPod users into the premier retailer of digital entertainment.

red bullet gif will get 10 points out of 10 possible

red bullet gif image The Awesomely Useful Guide To Where To Buy Computer Products

red bullet gif imageWhere do I find the best prices for my new PC? Try

Entertainment:   Sit back and let fun come to you. That orders of books, movies, and CD's is on its way to your house.
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red bullet gif image If you've ever been frustrated searching for a favorite book, Alibris should be your top bookmark. The site sorts your search results by publication date, general condition, and price. And be sure to check out the articles on collecting first editions or the gastronomic allure of cookbooks.

red bullet gif image Today's (October 2002) is more than a vast virtual bookstore. It has become a mega-mall where you can buy a car, shop for baby clothes, sell used equipment, or even find local movie schedules. You'll also find CD and video listings augmented by online reviews, sound clips, and customer feedback (of uneven quality).

red bullet gif image Does a video store with 16,000 titles, home delivery, and no late fees sound to good to be true? Not anymore. With Netflix (and $20 per month), your favorite DVDs are a just a click away. As soon as you're done with one, drop it in the mailbox and you can receive another within days.

red bullet gif imageSlow-from-the-gate challenger Barnes and Noble has taken a slightly different though equally impressive approach to its book site. They have built an online community reflective of casual reading-room atmosphere its real stores are known for- sans coffee bar and overstuffed chairs.

red bullet gif imageThe "planets biggest movie store." Reel offers more than 35000 videos for rent and 80000 for sale- at lower prices than you'll spend around the corner. In addition, Reel's unique services and unsurpassed search capabilities help make it the definitive site for all kind of cinematic.

red bullet gif image@Tower's simple-to-navigate site lets anyone with a Web browser shop this virtual Tower Records store. Quick Searchers make it simple to sort the 150000 titles by artist, title, song, or producer.

red bullet gif image With over 25,000 titles to choose from and 24 U.S. shipping centers, Netflix can completely replace your local video store. The site's rating system is fun to use, though the recommendations aren't always quite on the mark. The excellent rental-queue system ensures you'll always have plenty of movies to watch.

red bullet gif image With its collection of over 215000 CDs and 35000 videos as well as added content , low prices and singular features such as the lunchbox. CDnow is tough to beat- both on and off the Web

Retail and Department Store: Forget the limitations of geography. Now you can shop some of your favourite stores from anywhere, at any time
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red bullet gif imageWhether you're in the market for a pasta machine or a beer mug, the Cooking com site, with its extensive cookware selection, will deliver. It's perfect for a wedding registry and for generating gift ideas. It even breaks the wares down into price ranges to simplify setting spending limits.

red bullet gif image Real-world superstores usually have all the charm of the warehouses they once were. Netmarket does much better than that, offering all the essentials -- great prices and special deals for members on a wide variety of merchandise, comparison tools, and effective cross-selling -- within an effective and pleasant interface

red bullet gif imageDepartment stores have been slow to builds e-commerce sites, especially those stores unable to draw on an established catalog business like ICPenny. But you will find the Macy's essentials shop. Macy's offers the basics 8 panty hose, underwear, socks, button-down shirts), coupled with personalized services. Extra touches that round up this site include a personal make-up consultation via the Clinique site.

red bullet gif imageWith its utilitarian design and wide selection, Office Max Online is the best place on the Web for buying anything from pencils to ink cartridges to computers without even jumping into your car.

Food and Drink:   The first 5 sites is probably the best places online to buy everything from a can of tomato soup to a bottle of chardonnay or a 10-quart double boiler
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red bullet gif image If you are a fan of the print version ( around for nearly 20 years) or a home chef searching for the best professional-quality-restaurant equipment. look no further than Chef's Catalog. Here, you'll find the best selection of products-everything from an Italian Pizzelle Chef Baker to a ten-piece pots-and-pans set-- packaged at easy-to-navigate site.

red bullet gif image Chicago-based Allen Brothers Inc. is a major source of U.S.D.A. Prime beef to steakhouses in the Windy City and beyond, a role it has maintained since 1893.But Hatoff seems to want to be more than the invisible-to-consumers source of prime meat and seafood to pricey eateries. In a push to broaden Allen Brothers’ presence among consumers, they relaunched this year to better merchandise a broadened line including complete meals prepared by its own chefs.

red bullet gif image Would you ever consider doing your weekly grocery shopping online? Granted the idea of having your staples delivered via FedEx is unconventional, but the NetGrocer site is so well conceived and executed, it's sure to make you rethink the way you shop the food. The first US nationwide online grocery store , it has been around only since July 1997

Specialty Stores: From humidors to virtual pets, these online shops offer an eclectic array of merchandise you won't find at the mall.
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red bullet gif imageWho needs a personal assistant when you have American Greetings online? Much more than a card shop, the site offers personal services that are unsurpassed. You can stock up on a year's worth of cards and personalize each one with a message and a photograph.. As that's not enough, the company will even address, stamp and mail your cards for you so they arrive on time for those birthdays and anniversaries.

red bullet gif image Bargain-hunters will think they've found a utopia at . Brand-name computers, jewelry, clothes, sports gear, and much more are all discounted to clearance prices. And shipping will cost you only $2.95 for your biggest orders. So go spend—er—save some

red bullet gif image Looking for a product or service of just about any kind? You'll probably find it here. Epinions will track down that Little Rascals Christmas Special that none of the local video stores carry and nobody else seems to remember. You'll also find autos, electronics, books, toys, travel deals, and more, and many have ratings and reviews from other consumers.

red bullet gif imageIf you don't have the time to smell the roses at the corner florist but are uncomfortable sending that special someone a bouquet or gift basket sight unseen. 1-800-Flowers is your answer.
Pursue 150 floral arrangements and gift items at this clearly laid-out site. Each includes a detailed description and a large image. Orders received before 1:00 P.M. are guaranteed same-day delivery within United States and Canada, and the $5.99, per-order service charge is 50% less than the price charged to telephone customers.

Everything cannot be the best but in spite of that well worth a visit.

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red bullet gif imageIf you've ever been frustrated searching for a favorite book, Alibris should be your top bookmark. The site sorts your search results by publication date, general condition, and price. And be sure to check out the articles on collecting first editions or the gastronomic allure of cookbooks.

red bullet gif image PayPal is a secure service for sending payments from your bank account or charge card to almost any e-mail address—and personal use is free. The service, recently purchased by PayPal, includes an AuctionFinder feature that lets winning bidders complete most eBay transactions in just a few steps.

red bullet gif image eToys With terrific design and product selections, this site's a winner, although it hasn't been able to compete in the grinding e-commerce environment

red bullet gif image Plus Size Gowns Searching for an elegant plus size gown for your favorite event? offers a large selection and best pricing on all types of formal and casual gowns, dresses and women’s clothing. Visit us today.

red bullet gif imageWhich online stores really know how to serve their customers? The answer is at, a site that compiles information from satisfaction surveys attached to over 1,700 stores. The result: ratings of up to 5 stars that reflect how shoppers feel about a store´s ordering process, selections and pries.

red bullet gif imageNeed a new video film? Try one of the best places to shop I know of.

red bullet gif imageExcite Shopping Channel

Auctions take Web shopping to a new level
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eBay Where else do masses of people from almost everywhere auction everything from a favorite record to a signed Picasso etching? Sure, there's an element of risk—but it's amazing that the searches, bidding procedures, and buyer protection all work as well as they do. With new tools and categories (homes and cars), the auction king reigns strong. No other Web action site can match eBay when it comes to variety, the number of products up for auction at any given time, and most important, the number of people buying and selling.

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