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Lars Ekdahl's traveling favourites

Be your own travel agent? Yes, but don't give up your old reliable agent- yet. Although you can book your flights online below, still a traditional travel agent handles most arrangements more efficiently

lonelyplanet Expedia delivers consumers everything they need for researching, planning, and purchasing a whole trip. The company provides direct access to one of the broadest selections of travel products and services through its North American Web site, localized versions throughout Europe, and extensive partnerships in Asia. Serving many different consumer segments — from families booking a summer vacation to individuals arranging a quick weekend getaway, Expedia provides travelers with the ability to research, plan, and book their comprehensive travel needs. WEBBY AWARD WINNER 2006

lonelyplanetMessage boards tell you where to go and where not to go. Check out the travel advisories, too. How refreshing: a travel site that actually gives you insider insight into your destinations. The Lonely Planets series of guidebooks has an outstanding reputation and much of the content is here , in a searchable form

red bullet gif image At Travelocity you can search for your best airfare, find the best hotel of yout choice, cruices, last minutes deals. A greate tool when you plan your next travel.

red bullet gif imageFodors Book flights via Expedia, buy theater tickets from (Web site), and get travelers' takes on restaurants, hotels, and more. It's top-notch guides now cover almost 200 destinations. After the itinerary is set, peruse the site's other handy services to add the lei greeting, surfing lessons, and poi festival you've had your heart set on.

red bullet gif image Best Travel Credit Card for 2015 There are a myriad of credit cards with travel reward schemes out there. Be sure to shop around and see which might be best for you given your traveling habits. Some offer better deals if you’re primarily a domestic traveler, while some are catered more toward international travelers, offering perks such as no foreign transaction fees.

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The Best Travel Credit Cards for 2016

Here are our picks for the best general travel credit cards in three categories: best sign-up bonus on a travel card, best travel card with Chip-and-PIN technology, and best travel credit card without an annual fee.

We’ve picked these cards based primarily on their travel-specific rewards and benefits, and to a lesser extent their other features and perks.

red bullet gif imageAt Road Trip USA you will find brief information on 11 cross-country and semicross-country routes, including highway and selective attraction information. The routes go through every state in the continental US, except Arkansas.

red bullet gif image Ditch the travel guide book and spend some time at before a trip, instead. Research restaurants, sights, and entertainment—even make reservations. Print out what you're interested in, and don't forget the maps—always helpful in unfamiliar territory

red bullet gif image If it offered nothing more than travel deals and packages along with online booking, Travelocity would be just another travel site. But the handy information you'll find about your destination can be invaluable, like which side of the street to drive on and, should you get that wrong, the locations of doctors, dentists, lawyers, and drugstores.

red bullet gif imageJohn C. Dvorac´s New Yorks City annotated links! Since his publishers are in New York he spend a lot of time there and need a web resource that he can rely on without having to trudge through the too-many links problem with Google. New York has far too may mediocre tourist and advice sites that are mostly advertisements or paid promotions. Many restaurant sites, for example, are mere listings or lame generalizations. The sites here are all useful and he has added a short annotation for convenience.

red bullet gif imagePrague is one of my favourit sities. If you prefer to rent an apartment instead of staying in a hotel you can try the Prague HServiced Apartment Rental. I might give it a try next time

red bullet gif imageApart from London you will hear find 21 guides to other world cities

State of Florida for the travelerEverything about the State of Florida for the traveler, tourist and resident: where to stay, eat, have fun, find the airport, rent a car, how to get around, what to see, what to do, plus interesting feature stories, puzzles, comic

Do-it-all Travel Portal Sites Cheap airfares, luxury vacations at bargain prices, car rentals, how-tos, and hotel rooms. Pc Magazine took a look at 16 different sites. They fond the best fares on Travelocity and Travelscape. The last one is linked to Sabre, the travel agent reservation system.

Do-it-all Travel Portal Sites Do-it-all Travel Portal! is a well-organized and comprehensive site that offers lots of fare-search options. Useful features include Fare Compare and Fare Calendar, where you can search for the best bargains for your desired destination. You can also find a timetable search, arrival and departure information, airline fare lists, and special short-term deals. Thanks to the site's recent upgrade, building your trip is simple, from flights to lodging to car rentals. Destination information is voluminous, thorough, and well written. For all-around user experience, can't be beat

red bullet gif imageI am very impressed by Washington Post's travel site. You can even read the latest news ,written by this paper, concerning the specific country you plan to visit

last minutes trips baselineLooking for a bargain? At you can travel without spending your last dollar. Or get recommendations for local , often offbeat activities.

American AirlinesAmerican Airlines site caters to the airliner's frequent fliers in remarkable ways. Log on with your PIN, then fill out a profile about your favourite destinations, airports, cities, and hobbies, and you will be rewarded with a personalized presentation that shows you only the special fares and deals that might interest you.

Travel city Travel city is the Internet version of Saber's reservation network, and, as I understand, consistently find fares that can't be beaten on the airlines own sites

PricelineHow much are you willing to pay for your flight ticket or a hotel room? Ask Priceline if they can find a ticket for that price for you? They claim they have a turnover of 1000 tickets per day

U.S. State Department Travel Warnings page If you are traveling outside the U.S., go to US State Department Travel Warnings page to get the latest recommendations about traveling to any country, including travel warnings and important facts about obtaining visas

red bullet gif imageMapquea A visit hear and you'll be sure never to get lost in a strange city again although it has a slow response time.
A better choice however, is MapBlast which features worldwide street maps, driving directions in ten languages, and yellow-page listings to print. You can download maps and directions to PDAs via AvantGo and customize maps with icons end text labels. Check out the travel advisories too!

red bullet gif imagetravelThis site is updated daily, combines the best of Gourmet and Bon Appetite with the massive travel archives of Conde' Nast Traveler

Find the Weather Find the Weather for any City, State or Zipcode, or Country

currency Check how much of the local currency you will get for your Swedish kronor .You can also try the XE Currency converter

This is a directory put together to make it quick and easy to find international dialling codes.

travel by rail Travel By Rail & Official Railroad: World International passenger and freight railroad listings. Alphabetized by country or continent.

red bullet gif imageDon't understand the foreign language? Take than a lesson on line

travelnowForgot to book a hotel? Maybe you can book a room just now?travel

youth hostelsSpread all over our protracted, unbelievably beautiful country you will find the cozy and homelike youth hostels gathered in SVIF-Swedish hostels in assembly.

youth hostels The Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection (PCL 1.306) is a general collection of more than 250,000 maps covering all areas of the world. Many of the maps are included in their online catalog UTNetCAT. More than 5,000 map images from their collection are also available online.

youth hostels The fun and easy way to San Francisco Restaurants, Dentists, Bars, Beauty Salons, Doctors. Was the Webby Award Winner 2007 in GUIDES/RATINGS/REVIEWS.

youth hostelsAt Frixo they provide current Road Traffic Reports. It's a free service aimed at giving you live traffic news and information. Frixo specialises in traffic news and reports making it easy to use whether you're about to make a journey or out and about using our mobile service.

CitySearchWhen you have decided where to go how to find your favourites places there? CitySearch will assist you. Although currently available in only a few cities CitySearch covers those with breathtaking scope, timeless, and depth. This superb service offers detailed, witty surveys of shops, services, food, drink, and entertainment and other local events in New York, San Francisco, Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, Pasadena, Austin, Salt Lake/ Park City, Nashville , Portland and Toronto.

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